We are creative thinkers, doers, designers, and leaders. We want to be part of designing the world we live in. One project at a time.



Emergence Projects

Project design is about creating sustainable and interesting projects, facilitating processes, and designing solutions and concepts that lead to change.

We are a small team of five. Passionate about people, cities and food. Within these three fields we work on a variety of projects. Being small, we know we don't hold the answers to everything. So because every project is different, we always do our best to put together the right team for the right project. We believe collaboration is key. 

We are not an advertising agency. Or a consulting firm. Or event planners. Or product designers. Or a design and photography studio. But we bring a little from all these universes together.

Confused? These are our primary specialities:


Project Management

Knowing the right tools and methods to get any project off the ground with the right team can be challenging. We take our latest learnings from the Emergence method and our own experiences to the projects we create - solving any given problem.


Design for us is not only about making physical spaces or products, but to create experiences, processes and sustainable solutions. Applying design thinking to the challenges we work with, we make sure solutions are human-centered and based on real needs - not our own assumptions.



We believe that any project is better communicated visually. And sometimes digitally. We experiment with video, photography, graphic design, apps and websites. We know how to not just talk about, but to showcase you and your projects. 

Making shit happen

We go out of our way (and then some) to make our projects come to life. Taking something from an idea or strategy to something you can actually experience is one of the things we do best. 


projects & selected work




An idea or a problem

This is always our starting point. A problem or an idea that we ourselves or our clients are not sure how to tackle. And you know, the problem is often just to get started. This is where we come in and use our project management geekiness for good.


The right team for the right task. Whether this is with you as a client or with people in our network. Being part of Emergence also gives us access to both new talent from Emergence School of Leadership and over 300 former students now working in the industry within a wide range of areas. For us this is what team is all about: Emergence Projects + [friends / collaborators] = interesting projects.


To really understand we go out of our way to dig deep. Whether it’s talking to you, your clients, observing your customers or talking to a panel of experts, we know that to create good solutions this phase of the project deserves time. We could always create solutions built on assumptions, but to create something that is going to last and has impact, building on insight is key.


Creating is our passion. Every project we do is different, which is what we love about our work. We have nothing against fancy, well designed strategies. But words are just words. Actions create change. So if we advise you to build a house, we’ll make sure we are there with the hammer and the nails to help you build. Makes sense? In other words, we like getting our hands dirty.

Test - iterate - test again - iterate again - deliver

Making sure we hand over the right solution to you, we always strive to test what we create as we go. This process often needs some patience, and can be a little frustrating, but you’ll know it’s worth it at the end.

We believe the product is good enough only if you want to talk about it. Brag about it. Show it off. To your co-workers, stakeholders, friends, potential clients and customers. Therefore we always wrap it up nicely. Whether it’s a report, a website showing the process, or a gallery of pictures in your office, we always want our clients to be able to say they are proud and took part in creating the answers and the final outcome. Let's make you proud!


The Studio

The word studio is derived from Italian and means study. Our studio is where the magic happens. It’s about creating a space for learning, for research, for design. A common place where solutions can occur across different fields and with different people involved.

When we first started out, we had our offices at MESH, Norway’s most exciting co-working space for startups and entrepreneurs. Today we share a space with the talented guys at Food Evolution in the centre of Oslo. For the time being this is where we’ve created our project design studio.


Stories. News. Thoughts.

Familiar places and clients are good, but learning for us means sometimes leaving our studio to get inspiration or learn from others. Want to know where our travels takes us next? Or what projects we are working on at the minute? Follow the blog and we’ll keep you posted.

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We love visitors. Come by for a conversation about life or a potential project. Get in touch and we’ll make sure we have plenty of coffee and time to sit down for a chat. Email (or snapchat) us!