Vega - finalizing our ideas

Now, a little under two weeks before deadline we're in a phase of finalizing all parts of our delivery. We won't be able to share any of our actual solutions yet, but will do after our final deadline. But we've wanted to share a little video from a workshop we ran a few weeks ago - testing the size and some of the solutions we're working on for the centre we're part of designing. 

We've also included a video from our visit to Vega. If you ever get the chance to,  go visit! It's such a stunning area!! And we'd be more than happy to give you some travel tips and connect you to the charming locals ;) 

Oslo REDD Exchange 2016

Why are forests important? 

Forests cover about 31% of the land area on earth, but our forests are disappearing. Between 2000 and 2010 the worlds forests were reduced by 130 000km2, an area as large as Greece! 

In June we helped organize two events around NORADs REDD exchange conference in Oslo. Read more about why we think REDD is important. 

Vega was wild

The last week of May we headed to The Vega Archipelago in Northern Norway. FINALLY. After spending countless hours doing research on Vega and how it became a World Heritage Site in 2004, it was time to travel up north to take a closer look at it ourselves.

Merci OuiShare + Paris

Ouishare Fest 2016 - a three-day event raising questions around the new collaborative economy and the future of work in an increasingly digitalized society. Situated in Paris at a cool, laid-back venue in the northern part of the city. We made interesting connections, got a lot of new input and were challenged on some of our own perspectives. Also a great excuse to travel to Paris for a long-weekend, right?

OuiShare Fest 2016

OuiShare is an international collective and think tank on collaborative economies and digital transformations. Aiming to ‘explore the edges’ of the economy, society and ourselves, this 4-day conference in Paris brings together 1500 creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from 40 countries who are dedicated to driving systemic change. Super excited to take part in this year's Fest in Paris in less than two weeks!!

Ville, Vakre Vega

After being inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage in 2004, a World Heritage Centre is being built at Vegaøyan. And guess what? We are developing the concept and design for the main exhibition!

Milan Design Week 2016

We’ll let you in on a little secret. When we started our studio, we had one rule: Go to Milan every year for Design Week. So when April came, we had no choice but to hop on a plane and go. Being in Milan during this week is always an experience, and truly the place to be for designers and creatives.


Oh boy. We're going to start blogging. Our work life is filled with so much inspiration and beautiful things these days, so we decided we have to share. While building our website, we created this page to give you guys insight into our work, travels and everyday life.